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CCTV camera Wall Bracket, Wall Mount, Indoor and Outdoor

Universal Indoor Outdoor Wall Mount CCTV Security Camera Housing Mounting Bracket, available at Param Systems. Using wall mount exceptionally improve the perception of the view of the CCTV camera. Positioning the camera protruding out from the wall makes the surveillance easy and clear. The Blindspots can be eliminated most extent possible using these CCTV Wall mounts or CCTV Wall Brackets.

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Best CCTV camera in Ramnad, Ramanathapuram

Install CCTV camera to your office, Shop, Home and Plantations if you are security conscious and keep the intruders away from your assets. Param Systems has elaborate expertise in the field of security systems. Contact our consultant to get more details about the technology, implementation, design and cost. We can provide a comprehensive solution by integrating multiple locations in one point of monitoring facility.

At present, we are dealing with HIKVISION a world-renowned brand on CCTV and other security systems. Good quality product comparatively cheaper in price.

Call PARAM SYSTEMS @ 07339101188

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Connect CCTV to mobile using Jio, Airtel dongle at Ramanathapuram

If you are unaware, it is time to learn that you can view your Home/Office CCTV footages at your mobile phone live. For this you need to connect your CCTV device either DVR or NVR with the Internet service. You can use the mobile internet service which is cheaper compare to dedicated Fiber optic services, for this purpose, using the TP Link Router.

You need two devices to accomplish this job. One is the TP-Link Router and the other one is Airtel 4G dongle which receives the internet and distribute the internet to the DVR/NVR through Ethernet cable through the TP-LINK router.

To purchase TP-Link router and Airtel 4G dongle pls call Param Systems at 07339101188

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500gb Internal Hard disk at Ramnad, Ramanathapuram

seagate internal Hard disk

Internal Hard disks are available at Param Systems Ramnad, We have both Seagate and Wester Digital (WD) HDDs. We are also dealing with External HDD 1TB, Internal Surveillance HDD 1TB Toshiba. Please contact 07339101188 for more information.

Seagate Internal Hard disk,
Wester Digital Internal Hard Disk,
Seagate Expansion External Hard Disk,
Toshiba AV Suveilance Hard disks.

For price enquiry please call : Param Systems, 07339101188

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Cabling for CCTV camera – Different types

Normally an analog system works on a star layout where each camera has it’s own individual coax cable which runs back to the video recorder. Power for the camera can be supplied locally at the camera or run along with the coax cable.

HDCVI works in a similar way where each camera has it’s own coax cable which connects to the recorder. This means it can often be easy to upgrade an old analog system to high resolution HDCVI using the existing cabling. This is great for multi-site installations or for budget conscious upgrades.

There are unconventional practice of using CAT6 wiring with a converter for both BNC and DC connector, where out of 8 cores, two cores supply power to camera and two cores transmit the signals.

In comparison, a network camera installation can be more complicated. Analog and HDCVI cameras have their own cable solely for the camera signal whereas network cameras can share the CAT5e (or CAT6) cable with other devices. This can give some flexibility with small installations to use an existing office network, reducing the amount of cables required. However, a larger installation will need dedicated cables to be run to allow for sufficient bandwidth.