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Different types of CCTV technologies

Hikvision IP Camera

What are the different technology available in CCTV?

  • IP CCTV – Also referred to as Network Camera
  • Analog CCTV also referred to SD (standard definition), traditional, conventional, digital or  analogue CCTV
  • HD Analog stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface and can sometimes be referred to as high definition analog CCTV

Which one is best for me?

There is no doubt that an IP CCTV system will give a much higher resolution picture with better detail and functionality. Many companies with existing analog systems are choosing to upgrade to IP and the majority of our new installs are IP.

Analog HD systems work well if high definition recording would be advantegous but it is important to keep the cost of installation low. Or if you have an extensive existing analog system and would like to upgrade to high definition using the existing camera cables to keep costs down. Standard analog CCTV may be the best option in limited situations.