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Hikvision CCTV Camera Installation Ramnad


வீடு, அலுவலகம், கடைகள், பன்னை வீடுகளை பாதுகாக்க Hikvision CCTV கேமராக்கள் பொருத்தப்படும். 4HD கேமரா, DVR, 1TB ஹர்ட் டிஸ்க், SMPS, Connectors, வேலை உட்பட ரூ.15500/- தொடர்புக்கு PARAM SYSTEMS, பட்டினம்காத்தான், இராம்நாடு. Mobile : (+91)7339101188

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Top CCTV dealer in Ramnad – Param Systems

Param Systems specializes in the design, supply and installation of security systems including IP and Analog CCTV cameras, Wireless and wired security alarm systems, Video door phones in and around Ramnad. We are well equipped with cutting edge technology, professional technicians to implement security systems of any size.

Param Systems is the Top CCTV dealer at Ramnad for Hikvision CCTV products. Hikvision is the market leader worldwide for Security equipment.

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CCTV camera Wall Bracket, Wall Mount, Indoor and Outdoor

Universal Indoor Outdoor Wall Mount CCTV Security Camera Housing Mounting Bracket, available at Param Systems. Using wall mount exceptionally improve the perception of the view of the CCTV camera. Positioning the camera protruding out from the wall makes the surveillance easy and clear. The Blindspots can be eliminated most extent possible using these CCTV Wall mounts or CCTV Wall Brackets.